FAQ by Buyers

Q: How much does it cost to work with you?

A: How’s this for a sweet deal, you get expert advise and service for FREE! The seller pays the commission fee to the co-operating brokerage which is typically a percentage of the purchase price.

Q: What additional costs should I budget for?

A: You’ll want to include legal fees, disbursements, title insurance, HST on CMHC premium, Land Transfer Tax, Municipal Land Transfer Tax (Toronto only), and moving costs.

Q: Do I need a deposit and if so how much is enough?

A: Yes you do. You will need guaranteed funds (bank draft or certified cheque) to hand in with your accepted offer either on offer night or within 24hrs of acceptance. There is no set amount for a required deposit however, the amount can work in your favour because it shows financial security.

Q: Can I visit open houses without our agent?

A: Yes you can. Agents will ask you to sign in and please do. However keep in mind that we love what we do and you are not inconveniencing us to show you properties. We do ask one favour, that you keep your poker face on! Be sure to ask questions but you don’t want to give away any information that can hinder you. For example, don’t let the listing agent know that you’ve fallen in love with the house or you’re desperate to buy since your house has sold.

Q: Who presents the offer?

A: After all the paperwork is signed, we will present the offer to the listing agent and their clients. On occasion, a seller may request only to receive offers via email. Because timing is everything, we always recommend that our clients attend offer presentations with us.  If any changes are requested we can easily resign the paperwork and return it.

Q: What happens to my deposit if my conditions aren’t met?

A: If the deal crumbles because a condition could not be met then both parties must sign a waiver. This waiver releases you from the offer, the deal will not close and the deposit is returned without penalty.