Protocols During Showings


We’re under a province-wide shutdown which includes a ban on in-person open houses. However, showings by appointment are permitted, AND we will diligently follow all health and safety best practices. We’ll ensure that we DO NOT book overlapping appointments.

Showings by Appointment

We’ll continue to take advantage of virtual tools. If our clients decide that an in-person showing is necessary, we’ll conduct as much business as possible virtually before hosting or participating in an in-person showing.

We are permitted to conduct in-person showings by appointment, following health and safety best practices, so we’ll still be able to provide our services to pre-qualified clients and complete transactions. It is absolutely necessary to practice physical distancing; use personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks; and clean and disinfect the home before and after the showing.

This will allow us as an industry to keep the real estate market moving.

Space Out Showings and Limit the Number at Each Showing 

Each showing will be scheduled with enough time in between to facilitate a thorough disinfecting of the home and minimize interpersonal contact. Furthermore:

  1. We’ll limit the number of individuals allowed into a home at one time.
  2. We’ll have a plan to communicate this to clients or concerned parties, and ensure they wait until they are invited to enter the property.
  3. We’ll keep showings to one family group in the property at a time, and limit to the contract parties only.

We’ll continue to do our part in ensuring the safety of our clients and the public. Our industry as a whole has worked hard to adapt our operations to allow real estate markets to continue to function efficiently while minimizing public health risks.